Our produce

The Produce Crate benefits you nutritionally but also benefits our local farmers by making a commitment to always buy local first. We do supplement with other Queensland grown produce throughout the year to make sure we have a good variety and selection of fruits and vegetables in our crates every week. Due to out hot and humid climate here in North Queensland, sometimes it simply is not possible to grow and therefore supply certain fruit or veg all year round from local only farms. Because of this we are required to source our produce from other farms beyond our region including Bowen, Bundaberg and Brisbane areas. Our produce is always grown within Queensland unless stated otherwise (for example Apples from Stanthorpe).

We always aim to be honest and transparent about where our produce is grown, so always feel free to ask us any questions and follow our Facebook page for weekly updates on what’s in season and where our tasty fruits and veg are coming from.

We guarantee the quality of all our produce and other products that you receive in your crates. If you have a quality concern, please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll replace that item for you. We want to bring the farm fresh produce to your table and have you enjoying those delicious fruits and veggies without any issues!

Produce FAQs

Q: Why do the types of fruit and vegetables and the quantities of each change week to week?

A: The cost and availability of different fruits and vegetables fluctuates from week to week so to provide a good quality and value for money service we make adjustments where necessary to ensure we are providing maximum value each week.

Q: Why should I buy your crates when I may be able to get the produce cheaper from a supermarket?

A: We believe in paying farmers fair price for their produce which means we are not always competitive with the supermarkets however we are supporting our local farmers and our produce is always fresh, which we believe is more important than saving a few extra dollars.